Feb 16, 2014

Two For Two

Wow I am on a role...

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Feb 15, 2014

Snow Snow go away!!!

As everywhere, here all it has been is snow cold snow cold. It wears a person out and leaves one not wanting to move to a warmer location.
I have not been motivated to take any new shots all winter just because it has been below zero much of January and now into this month not much different.
Here are a couple of things I took inside no less.

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Jan 11, 2014


Had to switch things up again..
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Jan 10, 2014

Almost There

So I think I may almost be done with my redoing of this blog... I have been searching new templates but have not found one I like so am sticking with this one plus to redo a whole template would be hard to get it to the way I want and take to much time . So it is easier to redo this one every now and then. Oh and made a new signature...
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Jan 4, 2014


So I am doing a little revamping of this blog so stayed tuned.

If you have any ideas or tips please feel free to share.


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