Jul 28, 2013

Summer Chill

95 degrees to 65 degrees. Oh what a summer we are having.

Jul 14, 2013

Canvas Sold

I had a show a couple nights ago, and one of my canvas`s sold.
The horse eye... So excited.

And here is one of many dragon fly shots...


Jul 5, 2013


Hope you all had a happy Fourth.

Life has been busy for me so far this summer. But am grateful for the steadiness.

My friend has these pretty Orchids in her home.

Also I learned a new thing.. See I have been trying to make note cards to sell on my printer with this neat card stock I found, but was having trouble lining everything up.. so in desperation I took my computer and printer to my local Office max and there a very nice person helped me. FYI  or maybe most of you know this already.. it is all about PDF files when you go to print. So now on a 7 by 10 note card stock.. I can finally make sets to sell... here is an example...


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