May 2, 2013

New Name

So sad about this but it has to be done if I really want to get serious about this being any type of possible job for me on the side. I was at my friends house and though they do not have the same thinkings and relations of God as I do and many of you fellow bloggers do. They did make a good point. I have to be able to have wide client base and some may not like any reference to God, sad but true.

So I have been racking my brain and google and came up with something cool. It will be my new branding so to speak. Where I can have my name as part which I really have not had in the past. As you see I used my initials to make up the name, and as far I can tell from googling... there is nothing else named this. There is  (Enriching The Moment.)..... and something else close but not exact so I think I maybe safe.

Soooo what do you think? does it sound right and make sense?. Oh and I had two books made and three canvas`s from Shutterfly, has anyone else used them? or who do you use? I have heard of MPix which I may go with... I need good quality but for now on the cheaper side of things.

Well many more photos to come..... I guess I have to revap this site as well.

Have an awesome rest of this week.


SKC said...

Wonderful Logo. Good Luck with your new adventure. Photography will just be a hobby for me.

Kristy LifenReflection said...

Great Blog title! You should apply to Mpix Pro. More choices and better prices in my opinion.

Rosie Nixon said...

I had the same problems here Liz and had to totally revamp my site - it's even less popular or acceptable here in the UK to speak about your faith than in the USA when the blog is a business one. It would be different if I was targeting just churches.......but I'm not. If I had time I would start up a very personal one but at the moment time is against me.


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