Dec 29, 2012

To Long

It has been too long, since I have put up a post. Simply my life has been busy and boring. At leaste I think so. But at leaste the busy part is going to change here for the next couple of months. Which gives me time to play as I call it. Time to just do things that I enjoy and bring fun to my days. So maybe the boring part will change as well.

One exciting bit to share is that I totally decluttered my whole apartment. I thought it would take a long time but it only took a week. I started in my kitchen, every drawer and cupboard was emptied and reorganized. Then I worked on my living room, and closets and ended in my bedroom. After many trips to the GoodWill and dumpster.... my space is free and lighter. Oh how good it feels. Now I will be tackleing repainting and decorating my bedroom a bit. I can`t wait.

I have not used my camera for two whole months. But I pulled it out today, and realized how I miss the freedom and joy I get when I take a picture... of anything. Then the fun of editing it. I have missed this so much, it feels good to do it again. It relaxes me, for some reason.

I did not have anything really intresting to shoot so as I made myself a cup of tea, that was my prop.

I think from when I first started this hobby, to now I have improved so much. Hopefully this new year will bring avenues for growth and possiblities for me.

What are some of your New Years resolutions? Mine is simplify.

Now on to some tea shots.


1 comment:

SKC said...

Glad to see you back. I came back to my blog in this last month. Started blogging older images instead of them lingering on the pc for all eternity. Then started adding newer shot ones as well. I love your tea shots. Such a great subject. And how funny about the de-cluttering you have done. My hubs and I started the de-cluttering this last year. We finally tackled the last closet yesterday. Greatest thing found was an old polaroid camera that I am hopinig to find some film for. So it was a good clear out.


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