May 10, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

What a week I have been having. Short story of my life right now. I live in an apartment complex , we have a new land/ slum lord. I use to take care of the grounds and had them looking top notch, but this guy is not caring and the place is really looking terrible. I had control over the flowers at leaste which he gave me money for before he knew I told on him, but now I can not even do them. He is just mad he got in trouble for not doing his job.I emailed the owner and shared pictures with him thinking he would like to know. Well the slum lord found out and I can`t do them at all. So fustrating when I know the potenial of this place.
And there are people who are drunk and loud at all hours of the morning like 2 am. I have lost much needed sleep. These people are not getting kicked out as they should. It is just a big fat mess.

I would love prayer that the owner would open his eyes and see the truth and just because him and the land lord are friends( which is a mess in it`s self) that he would make right decisions. and make this guy do a better job.Or get id of him. Thanks. So because of all this stress I have not blogged at all. Hopefully this will pass and be a blessing not a curse. I have thought about moving but this is the most reasonable rent in my area. I should not have to anyway. These things can be changed for the better. I need peace and sleep and hope for a better tomorrow.

Hope your week is going wonderfully.

1 comment:

Donna said...

Sending you prayer and a resolution to the mess!
Have a better weekend!


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