Apr 24, 2012


My week and weekend has been so far all about trust.

First off the weekend was sort of strange, there were two occations that I was in a scary situation. I went to my local shopping center and there was a guy who was totally following me in the parking lot.
The second was I went for a walk at my local park only to have some weird guy in the bushes, come out after I walked past, that freaked me out so I ran the rest of the way to my car, I had my camera with me and took a capture of him. Good grief what a way to ruin a relaxing time huh?

My life right now is just trying to survive more or less, situations out of my control have unfolded and I am finding I need to cling to the Lord more then I have. Which is a good thing, I have kind of been slacking in the God department these past few months. But what a difference it does make when you choose to just refocus and turn your eyes to Jesus.

I have been working but now I spend at leaste part of my day in the Word. It feels so refreshing to just regroup with God. Letting the cares of this world slip away. The cares that upset me and keep me from Him I mean.

I am looking for a new job, this in it`s self has been a challenge. I am trying to figure out how this love for photography really fits into my life right now.. hoping that it does and will become something.

Here is a shot from my walk this weekend...

I have not had time or intrest lately for blogging. But with my new refocused mindset, I will try to see how even this blog fits into my life right now. I know I have not been at all good as far as commenting, I do want to be this way... but with all that is going on I have not had time. Hopefully this will change? If not, please do not feel  you can`t come and leave a comment, I do read them and am blessed by them. I do stop by many blogs and may not leave a comment, but know I do read and am blessed by your words and work.. .....

Well trust in the Lord with all your heart this week!!!!

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Cathy said...

Keep the faith... keep looking up...God wants the best for His children...He has a plan,.. even when we don't understand.. praying He'll make clear what His will is for you. I stop by your blog, every time you post...You are blessing others... If doing this blog blesses you.... keep going.. it will all fall into place..


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