Apr 30, 2012

Color Me Weekly #18



Rosie Leavesnbloom said...

Ahhhhhh the scent must be lovely from these lilacs Liz. Beautiful lilac hues aswell.

Thanks for joining in this week - I've hardly been visiting blogs during the whole month of April as I've been busy with a project ....hoping that it will soon be finished so that I can get back to making regular visits again.

Lauri said...

Your lilacs and palette are lovely. I love the subtlety of the palette.

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Ohhh! Love this palette of colors! And I've never seen one arranged like this...with the colors going around the photo. LOVE it! What a beautiful frame for such a lovely image! (I can almost smell the lilacs!) :-)

I feel like I haven't "chatted" with you in ages! So sorry I've been a stranger. The kids have 3 weeks left in the school year, and I feel like every year it gets crazier and crazier as we reach the end of May. We've been SO busy!

Hope you are doing well & have a wonderful week! xo

Diana Taylor said...

This is so original - I love it. The photo is stunning and I love how you've arranged the palette around the edge - it makes a beautiful frame to the photo.

Ewa Kelly said...

amazing! love, love your image :))


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