Mar 16, 2012


I am excited. I have my first customer for my work. I took pictures when I was in Florida and I am going to have four of them made to canvas 16 by 24 and then 14 of them made to regular  print 8 by 10`s and 5 by 7`s.
I can`t wait to see the final results especialy the canvas shots.

Happy Start To Your Weekend


Susan said...

What a pretty shot! Congrats on your first customer!

Cathy said...

Congrats! hope I can get to that point someday.. can I ask who you use for printing? there's so many out there.. .

Carpe Diem Photography said...

Congratulations, Liz! When my church was re-decorating, they asked me to put some verses on prints and they got them in 20x30 canvas prints. It was so exciting to see them finished! :) You will want one some for your own. ;)


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