Mar 4, 2012

Scripture And A Snapshot

I am glad that Katies added this topic to her post!!! I will try harder as well. Though it saddens me too that even when I do visit many other blogs no one visits me. Life is busy, but for me this is part of my life right now so I want to use this blog wisely. I get so inspired by so many of you.

Blessings to your Sunday


Liz said...

A really beautiful shot with a great scripture!
I think life is so busy for all of us these days and it's often so hard to keep up with blogging and commenting. I do know, though I am often so encouraged by the comments people leave and I always return the favour as well as commenting on those who don't leave a comment (as best I can)

Ginger said...

I love comments--and confess I don't always leave them. Let me say something I should have said months ago: I love the name of your blog! We were indeed made to worship, and beauty should inspire our worship of its Creator.
I love this verse and picture. The Lord--He does what please Him.

Amy said...

this is so pretty! :) Great verse too!

mommy of Five said...

i need a vacation and i think you photo feeds that =0) love the verse

Nancy said...

Love this photo...I have a very similar one but the sailboat isn't as clear as yours. Awesome verse too!! Here's my link:

Sara said...

I love that your photos always go so perfectly with the verses. So beautiful!

Katie said...

This is beautiful, Liz! ...hopefully my little 'pep talk' got a fire under more people and everyone sees more interaction with other participants!


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