Feb 21, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

This was a fun one and one I will do again.

I used two lenses, I first tried my 50mm 1.4 with my macro filters. It worked but I wanted to see with my 18-55mm how that would do. Also with my macro filters. I was kind of in a rush so I want to try this again when I have more time. My settings were ISO 400 F5.6 2/50 or so,   And use my portable flash.

This next one is of my favorites.

I will have to look for more colors in fabric pieces.

I like this one I think the best, just for it`s crispness. and detail.

Joining ASHLEY and

JAMIY from Live, Love and Travel

Tutorial Tuesday

Have a great day!!!


Amanda said...

Love your droplets! This was such a fun tutorial!!! :)

Saun said...

Great captures of the water drops. Very pretty!

Ashley Sisk said...

I think you did a really beautiful job with these - especially love the blue background.

Susan said...

Nicely done! This is on my list of things to try sometime soon too!

Katie said...

love your shots!! this was so fun to try :)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Love these!!!! So much fun isn't it???!!!

Jill Wellington said...

These turned out just BEAUTIFUL! Love your colors and great focus!

Jaymi said...

Great job! I love the 3rd to last one, you really nailed the focus on that one!!

Sarah said...

These are really great. Wonderful job.


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