Feb 14, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

Another Florida shot, this was the moon right outside the patio window above the Atlantic ocean. I added the star texture to it using Jill Wellington of This is Life...Through My Lens' method. I had not know you could just place the texture over instead of my usual way of pasting and copying. This way is much faster with the same results.


Blessings to your day.


Jill Wellington said...

You did a beautiful job with this! That method can help with so many creative backgrounds. Great idea with the moon!

Amanda said...

BEAUTIFUL moon shot! Love the edit!!

Ashley Sisk said...

I feel like this is something you might see in a storybook.

Amy said...

very dreamy looking! Great job!

Kaylene said...

Cutting and pasting and this method are two good techniques to have. A beautiful edit.

Sarah said...

This is great. Love it!

stephanie g said...

Wow, the moon looks awesome!


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