Feb 10, 2012

Noise Reduction

So I had just taken some more last minute wave shots and noticed that they are very noisy... my ISO is only at 200 and yes it is a cloudy day.. and kind of windy/ rainy. I have all my noise reductions off on my camera, and I even went to change those setting without a difference, putting them to high or what have you..

so my last post those shots are noise city.. here they are again with noise reduction... a questionnn does changing my setting of my shutter button to AF/AF LOCK, NO AE LOCK from the default to what I usually had it set at which was..0 AF/AE LOCK. That should not make a difference?!

anyway I am bumbed I took all these shots and now when I edit I have to filter out all the noise... I even sencor cleaned my camera.

The girls having fun...

So I have no idea what is wrong but hopefully it is just the conditions.. it is very salty here that maybe a factor.

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Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Oh Liz! You made it home! I remembered you in prayer a couple times because I knew you were worried about flying (me too!!!).... and I'd been meaning to drop by and see if you were home. I got a nasty bug and haven't done any blog visiting in ages! I must catch up on your beautiful FL photos! I am in LOVE with the processing on the 3rd pic in this post. What a gorgeous, nostalgic feel it has.

Love ALL the photos here... you're getting me excited for our trip. We leave 4 weeks from today! :-)


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