Feb 6, 2012

Color Me Weekly #5

So as some of you know I am here in Florida. I got here safe and am having fun taking pictures of so many things.

Here is one shot of many I have taken so far. If you missed the first round of shots you can see them HERE
Leavesnbloom Studio


leavesnbloom said...

Oh such lovely seascape colours Liz and I didn't even expect to see you join in this week with being away from home so thankyou so much. The linky wasn't working properly this morning and it didn't show the links to everyone who was participating but it's fixed now ........thankfully!


Pieni Lintu said...

So pretty!!

Allison Hoffman said...

absolutely gorgeous!! soak up some wonderful florida weather for me!!

Amy said...

simply beautiful! :) great idea with the lettering! :D

Linda said...

That is so imaginative! The image is a lovely scene but i love the letters inside the colour bar.
Think you may have started something there!


stephanie g said...

Very fun, I like the way your used 5 colors & 5 letters! Beautiful picture!

Gina Kleinworth said...

I love that- the view & the creativity!


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