Feb 5, 2012

The Begining Of Floridas Adventures

I am here, in Florida.
The weather has not been the best, but at leaste it is not cold or snowing.
I am right on the Atlantic ocean that goes for forever it seems.

The plane ride was safe and fine. I was scared the whole way but I did it. Praise God.

I was too sared to really get my camera out, but once we were close to Florida I did and got a couple cloud shots. Here is one for now

I was a little sleep deprived because the night before my plane ride I was a reck and then the first night here I could not settle down. But last night my second night I did get a good nights sleep.

It has been very windy and cloudy with threatening rain but does not.The windows get alot of salt on them so not a clear view most times but this shot I took from outside.

Many huge ships pass by. Here is one of them. It was very windy so the shot may not be the best in focus.

And last for today is some waves...

These are all SOOC except for a clean edit.

Well many more captures to come. There are so many different birds and sea shells and plants to capture in the days ahead.

Now I am off to Target to get a couple things and to just know I get drive there and not get lost.

Till tomorrow.

1 comment:

leavesnbloom said...

Lovely Liz especially that great view out to sea. Glad to hear that you arrived safetly and I hope you were able to find your way around the area. You will have such fun with the camera once you settle down after a day or so.


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