Jan 31, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

Joining Ashley For a fun tutorial

Here is a shot I have shared in the past

and here is the painted version

It was fun to play has now a monet feel. 



Ashley Sisk said...

That turned out really pretty - love that.

Amy said...

very pretty! :D :D and sofT !

Zondra Art said...

I like it, beautiful and romantic look!


Amanda said...

So soft and romantic looking. Beautiful!

Saun said...

Very pretty :)

Patti said...

The more shots I see, the more I'm loving the flower shots with this effect. It does amazing things with them.
This is beautiful!

Kay Rhodes said...

How soft...I love the look. It's amazing how awesome these watercolors are turning out. Really beautiful. I love the composition of the shot...and I really love tulips!!

Jill Wellington said...

I love how that turned out! You could frame it!

Jenn said...

Love this! So beautiful! Praying for you!!!!

Desirae R said...

I love how soft this came out!

leavesnbloom said...

Really pretty Liz. Those tulips look so graceful.
Saying a little prayer for you too as I visit :)



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