Jan 1, 2012

Spoons Part Two

I had to much fun with these spoons. I love when I find the right thing to capture. And they turn out. On most of these I used my 18-55mm. with flash bouncing off the ceiling. I had fun editing these. My first set HERE came out well, but had a bluish tone that is nice but wanted to see if I could do something differently.
I just had these spoons on a black piano.( Great open space).

This shot I added an old paper texture. This one I like the best.

This next one I changed the tones and added  a black and white action.

These last one added actions with vintage feel.

 I am learning that even though my goal is always SOOC as my finished result. Editing can bring a different feel and look that is new and fresh. ( I think also I am finding my editing style for my final result. wanting them to be able to be pleasing to the eye in print form.)

Another edit as of the one above, but again giving it a different feel.

And from a previous post, I think I nailed down resolution/ pixel dilema I was having. I went to Target and had a couple shots printed. First I learned that cds are ok, but flash drives for me at leaste are going to be my plan of action. If I do have things printed elsewhere. That with cds for clients to have printed on their own. As far as dimentions, 300 resolution is just fine for 5 by 7 even 8 by 10. Even with keeping my height and width of say 6000 by 4000.( Which still kind of figuring out ).

Work in progress. But am happy with how far I have come.

Enjoy the journey



Judy said...

Happy New Year!

Love the photos! Very creative. I love photo editing, so there's probably not one photo I take SOOC that I do not edit. I probably shouldn't admit that because some may think that it's probably because I don't take good photos. But that isn't true. The professional photographers always edit their photos before publishing them. Talk to you soon.


Bethany said...

Pretty shots!

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

WOWEEEEE!!! Oh Liz, I ADORE the spoons! They're all gorgeous, but the edits on the 4th and 5th colored ones (and the b&w's) are over the moon! I am truly, absolutely, 100% impressed! LOVE LOVE LOVE. The composition is fabulous, and seriously....that vintage-y editing.... oh MY!!!

leavesnbloom said...

Just like Karli I'm seriously in love with these. So glad that I clicked to see what the rest of the spoon looked like.............so long too! Great articles for sure for still life.


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