Jan 6, 2012

In The Eye Of The Beholder

I was going to my favorite blogs today. And this one caught my attention. Words right out of my mouth.
Bonnie Five.

Just yesterday I was feeling this same way. Everything around me is not looking to pretty right now. Even though temps are above normal.

Here are some shots I took.

This guy stole the show. Only after I was discourage and about to leave, the garden dead at that.

I went thru my shots and at first thought only boring dead plants. but...

This bench looked so lonely with no one sitting on it.

And this plant looked like it wanted some love.

But Mr. Crow got the last word.

Like Karli at Bonnie Five I am going to start seeing winter in this town differently.


mountain mama said...

awesome shots!!

happy new year :)

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

These blow my shots out of the WATER! Oh wow. You're right... that crow totally stole the show! The first b&w of him.... AMAZING. The beautiful berries...gorgeous. LOVE your editing in the one of the crow with the blue sky too. What a great feel. Beautiful job! (Now I want to go back and try again - LOL!)


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