Dec 13, 2011

Tis The Season

So As many may know I have been very busy. But time will come when I am not so and I can not wait. I have not had any real time to just have fun taking pictures. Tomorrow is my first real day off in like 8 days. Tonite I cleaned my house and got errands done so I can just hang out tomorrow without anything really begging for my attention.

I did this shot kind of fast because I did not have all of the props I needed like lights. For bkoeh back ground. I have seen this type of shot done and wanted to try it out. Can you beleive my Target well there are actually like four I can go to in a five mile radious , are out of little lights? I may hit the others tomorrow or try a differebt store. I actually want to get to Michales craft store and get some fake snow and glitter to make homemade snow globes.

anyway... here is my first attempt

Like I said I want to add the famous bokeh lights in the back ground.  But this turned out nice anyway.

Sweet Shot Day


Em said...

that did turn out nice! and there's even the reflection of the candy cane in the mug!

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!! You get all capital letters because I love it that much!!! LOVE the ornaments in the picture - what a beautiful touch! (Seriously, love this). :-)

Van said...

beautiful composition!
Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY


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