Dec 29, 2011

Print Size

So it has been a year for my photography. I think I have really grown and learned and improved on this great adventure.

Now I am getting serious and to the point where I feel my shots can be good enough for print.

The only thing like so many things I have been slow to learn is how exactly to do this to have the right pixels and size and resolution .

I have watched so many youtube videos on this but still am a bit confused. My understanding is with the raw size , which in my case is usually wideth 5184 and height 3456. Which for blog purpose I change and resize to 900 by 600. Resolution at 240 but change to 72.

Now with an unsized image on youtube many say to uncheck sample size and change that to at leaste 300 and then recheck it and put your dementions in example 8 by 10 and then select bicubic smoother for enlargements and then press ok.

Is this how you those who have this as a profession and have to make prints or is there a better way? I have prints done at Target,( I know but is the only place close and she said you need the resolution at leaste 1000?

Please come tell me what you do. There are some shots I have taken worthy of framing and if I am going to have any clients I want to do it right for the future.

Thanks. Resizing would be done from photoshop elements 9. Maybe someone could make a tutorial on this???

and here is one shot I thought of framing.


lisa said...


I have had very good results with
I take all of my photos as RAW. I then do any editing and convert the RAW to JPEG, leave them at full size and 300 dpi, and simply upload to epingo. You specify the size print you want, and are able to view it there before placing your order.

You may find the following post from Kat at KatEye Studio helpful also:

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

I'm sure Lisa knows better than I do. I shoot in RAW. After editing, I convert to JPG with 300 dpi. I have a website with SmugMug, which does a remarkable job with all my photos. Clients can get prints, canvases, downloads, and even specialty items like mugs and t-shirts. They can choose finishes like matte and even lustre (a favorite for portraits). All I know that 1 megapixel allows good printing up to 5x7 and a 4MP is good up to 11x14. Good luck in the new year. I think you've done a remarkable job and am glad to see it's paying off.

a-g said...

I am always totally confused and prefer to do my won printing so that I can see what is happening.
Most of the time dimensions throw me completely :-)

I love going through your blog: so neat and thorough and varied. Nice to have met you.


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