Dec 14, 2011

Hot Chocolate Bokeh

So I wanted to try this again after I got some lights. Still is not exactly what I had in mind but... What do you think?

 Today was my day off I did some christmas shopping and found out that a new closer Whole Foods is near to me. I love that store.


lisa said...

Liz, I think this is absolutely gorgeous.
It would make a beautiful Christmas card!

Michelle said...

Good job on this, Liz! Love the soft background, but think more of the cup needs in focus. Love how your candy cane is thicker and how you have part on the front.

Zondra Art said...

Great shot Liz!

Have a nice day:)

Em said...

Oo! that's very cute! i love it!

SKC said...

OH Love this shot. Beautiful and yummy too!


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