Nov 16, 2011

Turning Colder

So it is finally turning colder.Which I am sad about but I will tough it out. I have been blessed with a long fall.

 These were taken with a 28-135 lens. Both Sooc.


Me said...

I love the leaves and I love the Bokeh. I'm looking into a macro lens today and now that I've seen this photo and the wonderful effect this might have to go on my list. ;) I love the bokeh- it isn't sharp but very dreamy~ Why oh why did I look at your blog post? lol. If you don't mind telling me, what are the strong points of this lens?

Ashley Sisk said...

Your SOOC shots are getting so much better - nicely done.

Em said...

Oo! Gorgeous! I love the bright colours of the leaf :)

Zondra Art said...

Beautiful and simple photo!
Greetings and kiss:)


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