Nov 6, 2011

So Many Pictures What To Do?

I have really have to take time and go thru my pictures and organize them and put them elsewhere. Meaning a cd or thumb drive.

I just keep taking new shots when I have tons that have not been seen. Or that while editing have not deleted the not so good ones saving them for what if? Any one else have this problem?

Well here are just a few random shots I took lately no rime or reason. Enjoy.

Wonderful Sunday To You.


Em said...

Those are super cool! I love the first one!

Me said...

These are great!

So, I've got a question. I'm a noob and have vowed only to keep my best shots since I don't want an overload of pics. What do you think is the easiest way to organize? I'm curious how others do it. I've got some by events and some in animal, flowers etc...

Icy BC said...

I sure am having the same dilemma as you! Too many photos sat in my archives, and yet I kept on shooting..I guess one day we will figure out what to do with them all.

Beautiful pictures in this post.


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