Nov 7, 2011

Shoot and Edit Macro

So since I have been on a macro kick all week of course Ashley and Jill would have a shoot and edit week for this.

This week is going to be way busy for me and I kind of forgot and cheated but have mine all edited to the way I want them for now.... anyway.. maybe one out of these can be tweaked again... or I can just use the color pencil shot from this post...MACRO.

Anyway we have drying hydrangeas here and their flowers as you may know are small. So I had a shoot. was practicing my waterdrops as well.

I am finding with these macro tubes you have to use flash and I was useing on most of these my NO FLASH setting which made my ISO very high so that is why there is a little noise. I was doing these inside. Just practicing.

Have a wonderful week.


Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful tones - I love your third shot.

Em said...

Beautiful all around!

Lori Allberry said...

Beautiful shots! My favorite is your third!!!!



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