Nov 21, 2011


Yesterday was a good day off after seven long days of working. I took time to clean up my computer and reorganize. And I had me my own little early Christmas in a way.

I have an old Canon film camera and never thought to see if that lens would fit my camera now. Well it does. Now it is no fancy lens and to many not a very good one. But for me for now it is another one I can use. It is a 35-80mm. I think it works fine. Not so much indoors because of such a low apeture and it does not work great in dark places. But on a day that is nice and sunny I want to see how it be work outside. Just another range I can play with.

Anyway I am grateful I found it and here is one of Emma who of course I am so grateful for.


Hope your week is fabulous.


Light Trigger said...

what a beautiful cat! your photography is amazing!

via good to WOW

Cedar said...

How fun to "find" a new lens! The cat shot turned out very nice!

withoutadornment said...

Your cat is really cute and quite photogenic!


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