Oct 12, 2011

To Close To Home

So I have been debating on whether or not to share this. But I decided just go ahead.
First off am I the only one who has watched the show  Keeping Up With The Kardashians ? anyway... Guess who married them if you are in the loop? Give up?

The title of the post sums it up.. my pastor Joel Johnson From West Wood Community church in  Chanhassen MN.
 Now I am not a member but having been attending for many years. Thought I would " " brag alittle ha,ha.
I watched the wedding  on the second day and with my camera videoed the part where Joel married them. Just for history sake. So a question should I up load it? or just keep it as my personal file? would anyone who has not seen it want to see it?

Just weird and cool at the same time. Comment and tell me what you think.

I do not agree with all that goes on with the show. Just thought I would share and think as a witnessing stand point good for him to have been the one to have had that important duty.

1 comment:

Ashley Sisk said...

That's pretty cool...although I would probably hold it close rather than sharing the video.


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