Oct 11, 2011

Ripe For The Picking

Here I am to share a quick how to on making a rotating header.

 Step #1 First make sure your header/ pictures you want are as wide as your blog.
Step #2  You will be using the same main picture/header many times and making copies. What I did was used the mostly finished header but in Elements kept putting pictures on top of where on the header I wanted them to rotate and saved each different one as a seperate file.

Step #3 Then I went to a photo host, example Photobucket or Flickr and got the link codes for each file I just made.( which after trial and error I realized you need to use the direct link code..for layout pages.)

Step#4Next you will go to this site..http://www.htmlbasix.com/banner.shtml and follow their directions.
*How many seconds you want it to move
*Where you want the page to open( Top)
*Rotating number( max 10 )
*lable each pic ( like pic 1 and so on on the last line.)
Put your blog as the link in the first space then your picture link you just made from step#3. Do this as many as ten times for ten pictures to rotate. go to bottom and  where it says generate code, copy that.

Step#5 Now go to blogger design area,Design/Page Elements. Click “Add a Gadget” at the header, choose html/javascript, paste your code in, and hit save! Easy... but wait..

Step#6 Last step and one I found on my own. though I do not know what others have done but for me blogger would not let my final header be at the top with out the real header area left blank. It would show their blogger version of my title. To get around that all I did was in the Design/Page Elements part went to main header and  put in a thin white line I made in Elements and saved file as, as my " " header. Blogger was satisfied and so am I .

So that is it in a nut shell if you have and questions on any of the steps just leave a comment and I will try to help. Have fun. I know in the future all my headers from now on will have this element to them.

What`s a post with out a pic?

Happy Fall to all or soon to be. Here it still wants to be summer which is fine by me.

and then, she {snapped}Naptime MomtogLive and Love...Out Loud


Ashley Sisk said...

I want to like this so I can come back later...seriously great tutorial. i'll ask you if I have questions.

Sarah said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. :)

Leesha said...

I have saved this for later! thanks for the info!!


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