Oct 10, 2011

I Did It

I was able to make my very first flash/ rotating header. I will in a future post I will share the 411 on how to make one yourself. Gosh so easy even I could do it. So check back for that.

Now on to a shot I took today.

I am learning that it is worth having your camera with you as often as you can. I did not the other day when the first rainbow of the season for me at leaste made it`s appearence. Guess where I was? Target parking lot. Next time my camera will be with me for sure. We just has a sun shower.. When it rains while there is some sun. Hopefully that was not the last rainbow of the year.


Ashley Sisk said...

I love the rotating header - it looks great!

Zondra Art said...

Nice shot!

Happy day.


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