Oct 24, 2011

A Few Left

So now since fall is upon us in full force, leaves are just to pretty not to capture them as they go dormate for the winter.

I was walking the dogs in the woods and had my camera with and got this shot. One lonely leaf of green.

 Fall is such a pretty time of year. We here are soaking it all in as the weather is staying nice so far.
In these shots I have done my white balance a little differently. I have been just using auto, but am now switching it up. With these shots I used cloudy setting and wow what a difference.

After viewing this post FROM JILL SAMTER PHOTOGRAPHY I will never do it my old way again. And too funny I would custom my white balance but I was not even dong that right. But now I know and will forever more. For the shot below I used daylight. Because obviously it was during the day and I wanted the colors to be vivid. But I could as I am learning have used shadey or cloudy to get the same results for the most part.

 I also am learning about calibrating. From this post By Selfie Magic

 Now my camera does not allow me to do it the way describe in this tutorial But now at leaste I have an idea what to look out for as far as auto focusing.

 I was kind of getting tired of most of my shots SOOC being out of focus or soft. So in my camera I went to program mode and turned the dial setting till the focus was just in the middle. I had it set for the whole area I was shooting. not on any given location. So I will see if this helps any.

I guess this is learning week because I also relearned that since I usually shoot with low ISO, meaning 100-400 max, I really do not have to have my noise reduction set to strong or enabale at all. Which that I what I had it set at thinking I would have less grainy shots . But Having that set that way was cauing as well my shots to be not as sharp. Go figure.


Em said...

Lovely shots! I love the vibrant colours.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Lovely colors. I think you nailed. Our season is just starting to turn, but we don't have a lot of beautiful leaves.


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