Oct 9, 2011

Change Is A Good Thing

Sooooooo....I did. I did not have internet for a day and I have wanted to switch things up a bit for a while but never found the time. What do ya think? I could not find my font for my other watermark and  was getting tired of it anyway. I like how this looks on my shots and can use more effects on it anyway. The font is called Mr. Wade. Then I found a nice brush I liked and came up with the design.

With this shot I felt this verse went perfectly God gives us all the strength we need. So we can live with confidence in Him.
Hope your day is full of goodness.


Susan said...

Yes!! It came out perfect.

Love that verse.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday♥

Em said...

I really like the new look! Nice choices!

Sara said...

What a gorgeous horse! Love the picture and the scripture. :)

Annika said...

Beautiful horse and verse! I love your new font too :) Have a wonderful Sunday.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful photo! Great capture and a Scripture to go with it. Have a blessed week.

Zondra Art said...

Amazing photos and colors Liz! Beautiful horse!

Happy new week, kisses:)

lisa said...

Wonderful new look Liz, and I love your photograph!

June Scott said...

Love the new watermark, Liz! Your scripture and snapshot are perfect! There seems to be a theme of strength this week :) Blessings!


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