Sep 7, 2011

The Reveal in Parts

Since I took so many during our shoot. I will be sharing it in segments over the course of time.

I just finished making the cds for the girls and am in the stage of handing them off.
We had such a good time . We used three different locations. It was a great cool, sunny day.

We had fun with this train track. Right behind the girls is a trolly that runs during the summer.

They wanted a shot of the candy store. I work there and that was our meeting spot.

Being creative with hair styles as you will see in future shots. Such pretty girls with very long beautiful hair.

Found this cool rustic wall back drop. So many more shots to share from this location.

Well there is one set of many I want to share.

I hope that you enjoyed. Till next time....


Zondra Art said...

Beautiful girl and nice photos!

Have a nice weekend Liz.

Chesney said...

Looks like you and the girls had tons of fun!

leavesnbloom said...

My favourite is the last one Liz as I love that backdrop with the flowers in the background and the way they are posing. I've just looked through your last few posts aswell and congratulations on getting the opportunity to take a photoshoot. The girls are lovely and you did well with the compositions.

Never let statistics stop you from doing something you enjoy and please don't rate your blog on statistics - it's something you do to bring glory to God and in the end its only HIM that matters.

Love Rosie xxx


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