Sep 16, 2011


What a week it has been. I wanted to do some macro photogrpahy only to find I have lost one of my macro lens filters. It also works for my wide angle lens attachment. I am trying to save up for a macro lens so It in the long run does not matter. But I wish I could find it.
 So on loosing this I have not felt like taking many shots. Plus really have had no time.
Gosh fall in upon us here it is very chilly. So I had to take one of a few last flower captures of the year.

Played around with using and making my own action, two white layers and a yellow and green layer set to soft light.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.


Em said...

Aw. Too bad you lost that filter even if you're getting a new. Nice picture though! :)

Chesney said...

I am sure it will show up....this sight must have brightened your day a bit though, really pretty!

Zondra Art said...

Great picture Liz!

Happy weekend, kisses.)

Ewa said...

well, misplacing the lens has it good points, you posted this beauty :))


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