Sep 13, 2011

A day for Apples

We had Apple days here last weekend. Very hot day for it, but sunny. Lots of cool things to see and buy.

Funny thing was there was only one stand selling apples.

This is a husband and wife team they play fiddle musci fun to watch and listen too.

Old cars are neat to see. And just imagine those earlier times.

I love the violin, this one must have been old. But in great condition.

This brings a close end to summer fun here. So sad. This week is going to be a the chilli side.

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Ashley Sisk said...

LOVE that last picture...was there apple cider? Yum!

Carmen said...

Great shots!!I love the vintage cars!!

Jessica said...

Love all these photos, love looking at old cars!

mountain mama said...

awesome! love the pics!!!

deb duty said...

Looks like a fun day! I love the old car pics!

Chrystal Oates said...

Great photos! I went to an apple festival in VA once and there was NO APPLES it was crazy.

Leanne said...

This looks like a great day. Great photos. I really like the violin and the musicians.

lisa said...

These are great end of summer photographs Liz!
The apple festivals here start in a couple of weeks, then come the pumpkin "outlets!!"

Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange?

Have a great evening!


Natalie said...

Great shots, Liz. I love all the wonderful photo ops in the fall! I'm looking forward to our outing to an apple festival here.

April said...

An apple festival sounds fun! I love your first shot of all those bags of apples. said...

Great end of summer photos! Prelude to fall!

georgia b. said...

lovely lovely lovely photos!

came via texture tuesday!


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