Aug 9, 2011

Sweet Shot

I have taken a shot of this disy before but wanted to try again. It is fake as you know so can be a great photo shoot prop. all SOOC except sharpen.

50 mm f1.4

Sweet Shot Day

I wanted to know if others could post what lens they use on their blogs posts too. I think it is intresting to know which lens people use for their certain shots.


leavesnbloom said...

Lovely Liz - I find it interesting to see which lens folk use aswell. Congrats on getting your new lens - looks like we both got our f1.4's around the same time. I need to get a polarizer for mine but for now I just use a polarizer filter in one of my photoshop plugins.

Katie said...

Hey Liz, the lens I used for my shots today were my kit lens (18-55mm) for the first shot and my 50mm for the last two.

Also, it would be fantastic if you could allow your email to show in blogger when you comment, so I can reply directly to can do this by going to Dashboard > Edit Profile > and then check Show My Email Address. :)

Have a great week!!

Christina Klas said...

Lovely! :) - and the lens that rarely ever leaves my camera is a 35mm f1.8.... I love it!!

missing moments said...

Great shots ... most of mine are with my 70-300mm for all the critter shots and many of the others.


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