Aug 6, 2011

The One I Will Get

So the lens for now I will add is the 50mm f1.4. So excited.
And from now on I want to get into the habit of sharing what lens I do use.
So with the this shot I used my 18-55mm at f/5.6-1/20 ISO 3200 (which I do not know why I had it on that ISO). Just added a action to it.



Linda Makiej said...

Really lovely shot - I love the color!

Ewa said...

lovely capture!
have a nice weekend :)

Carletta said...

I love the colors as well. The soft peach petal with that hint of purple on the stamens are wonderful contrasts.
Lovely shot!
Carletta's Captures

Judy said...

Hi Liz,

Very pretty. Remember, the higher the ISO, the grainier the photo. I'm sure you knew that.


Chesney said...

So elegant! I the high iso really gives this a bit of a texture which I normally don't like, but it works with this image!


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