Aug 1, 2011

A couple of Things Yellow

So I have always wanted to try the Lemon shot with bubbles. I have seen a few people do this and it is really a neat effect. Here is the one shot of many I thought turned out semi ok.

Here is a sunflower I got from a farmers market. Today we had the wickedest storms here. In the morning mid afternoon, around 12-1. The skys turned black it looked like it was night time outside. Nothing really came of it except wind , rain ,thunder and lighting. I am glad I was at work with people instead of somewhere by myself. I really hate bad storms. I would have panicked for sure.
 But all is well now as it is sunny and less humid.

Sweet Shot Day


SKC said...

Great shots. Love the sunflower.

Branson said...

That second photo is so wonderful! I love it! I have lemons and selter in my cupboard, but haven't gotten around to actually taking the photos ;)


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