Jul 25, 2011

Yellow Butterfly

I wanted to get out and shoot outside. I have not really felt like it the last two weeks cause of the heat, and rain.

I got out today and as I was driving to my favorite site the clouds were getting darker and so that spoiled it for me. I got a few shots but lighting was none.

I did spot my first yellow butterfly though. But he moved around lots. I did not have my setting right I do not think. What are good settings for butterfly captures? Last year I did get some great shots. Oh well I felt rushed this time, I will have to go on a day when I have more time. Plus the bees were in full force. I hate bees.

This first one was the best out of like 15 I took. As I said he was a movey type plus I kept on having to swat the bees/ bugs away.

Though out of focus these next two are cool.

Then just some flowers with actions and texture added.

I like how this one turned out. Just used coffee shops honey vintage action. 

  above just added texture  layers in soft light and multiply.

Hopefully I can get out and enjoy another good flower shoot with out the road blocks of today.

*****also a question...I notice on many blogs when pictures are posted people add their description  on the bottom of that photo... why? why not on top of the photo? I myself get confused when I look at photos with it that way...  Is that blog correctness or does it not matter?

Thanks just have been wondering??

Hope your week is going wonderfully.


missing moments said...

Lovin' the texture shots! Fortunately, the rain cooled things off a bit but the temps are rising again.

lisaschaos said...

They are all beautiful! I would love to learn how to use textures. :)

lisaschaos said...

Oh, I write below the photo because it's how magazine or books would do it. :0)

Liz said...

Thanks Lisa. I always wanted to know why some do it that way. I am heading over to your blog to talk textures...


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