Jul 16, 2011


I did these fast today. When I have more time I want to do a selfie better.

 But have some strawberries.

Was playing around with the focus and the remote. and my flash.

 Again still need to practice and get better at the focus. Need more time. These will have to do.


Ashley Sisk said...

Look at you doing a self portrait. Love it!

SKC said...

Fabulous selfies. And yummy strawberries.

Elena @ Selfie Magic said...

YAY to selfie! I admit it is really hard to get the focus right, especially when it's something like strawberries, little things. But you did great- I love the first one!

Teagan said...

Love that focus on the first one, and I totally understand what you're saying about needing practice...it's somehow SO much different when you're on the other side of the camera! :)

Keep it up!


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