Jul 14, 2011

Shoot and Edit Wow

So this is my SOOC From the begining was not happy with it. To out of focus. I was using my 50mm 1.8. Maybe my setting were off. I tried later with my 18-55mm and they came out a little better. Who knows just have to keep practicing I guess.

 I just added a texture to this. I have been learning about clipping masks as well and collecting frames. But funny thing is now I have no idea where I put them. Oh well. I will find them sometime or will just to to download again.

Here is one I just found

Joining Ashley


Ashley Sisk said...

Really love the way the final edit turned out!

missing moments said...

Love the final edit! Btw, thanks for dropping in and allowing me to discover you. I think I'll be hanging around here! new follower!

Cedar said...

I really like what the frame and texture did for the photo. Lovely!

Halie said...

It looks like a post card! Really wonderful!

Katie said...

Hey Liz! The action I used on my fishing shot is Heart and Soul from the Moxie package here:

SKC said...

I do like your final edit on this. Grapes to a work of art.


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