Jul 13, 2011

My Girls

Emma and Rubbie are such good cats. So different in personality.

Emma is a so friendly to anyone who reaches a hand to pet her.

Rubbie is friendly but has to warm up to you.

Poor Emma had to have four teeth pulled last month. She was a trooper thru it all though.

I love this shot of Rubbie it looks like she is saying" Mom enough already. One picture is enough, I want you to play with me now, see I have my toy ready.."

A  busy day ahead for me.

the long road

and then, she {snapped}


Ashley Sisk said...

Your girls are beautiful! Love those green eyes.

Donna said...

Oh, they're Gorgeous!
Don't work too hard!

Chesney said...

You have a beautiful family....those eyes on both cats are gorgeous!

SKC said...

They are both beautiful.


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