Jul 31, 2011

Hot But Good Day

So I headed out totally forgetting how hot it would be today.

I thought I have my water and I should be good to go.

Only to realize that I have become a great wimp in this heat.

Sweating like there was no tomorrow. And running inside for some A/C action.

I was only there for an hour. Planning on being there for at leaste two to three.

I like the small amount of shots I did manage to get. I am glad for this membership. I do not have to feel like my time was a waste. I can go for how long or little time I want.

I found a new challenge to take part in.

So my last shot, the yellow flower is my entry.

Go on over and join in the fun.

Still Life Standouts


Chesney said...

A wonderful day for pictures anyways...these are stunning!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are really beautiful. I especially like your second and third shots.

SKC said...

Beautiful. I love the first shot.

Branson said...

That first one is beautiful, and I adore the one you chose for still life standouts! This is a lovely collection of photos all around! :)

Courtney K. said...

So beautiful. I love the composition and the contrast of the colors.

deb duty said...

This is such a beautiful collection of flower images. Every single one is lovely.


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