Jul 7, 2011

Did Not Work Out

So I was all ready and excited to get some good firework shots. I had research on youtube great ways to take them. I had my settings right and had my location and tripod ready. With remote. But the remote decided not to work. Or I was just doing it wrong. So I took around 300 flops of shots. They all looked like silly string in the sky. Because the remote would not work I had to hold the camera, hence the motion. Silly string effect. I deleted them all I was bummed.
Next year I will try again..

So here s just another flower shot. I put a soft action to.


Ashley Sisk said...

That's pretty though - if your remote doesn't work, you can still use the tripod, even set it up with timer.

Michelle said...

Awe, sorry to hear that! You could have used a timer if you wanted to! And sometimes, those silly-string shots can look pretty neat too! But I hear ya, girl -- my shots didn't work out the way I wanted them to either!

SKC said...

Sorry to hear about your firework shots. Gorgeous image.


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