Jul 31, 2011

Hot But Good Day

So I headed out totally forgetting how hot it would be today.

I thought I have my water and I should be good to go.

Only to realize that I have become a great wimp in this heat.

Sweating like there was no tomorrow. And running inside for some A/C action.

I was only there for an hour. Planning on being there for at leaste two to three.

I like the small amount of shots I did manage to get. I am glad for this membership. I do not have to feel like my time was a waste. I can go for how long or little time I want.

I found a new challenge to take part in.

So my last shot, the yellow flower is my entry.

Go on over and join in the fun.

Still Life Standouts


Playing around. I took some wave shots yesterday. With this I just kept making layers and reducing their size. Something different.

I got a gift of a year member ship to the Arboretum, so that is where I am headed today. Very excited and thankful. Now I can go when ever I want and take as many pretty shots as I want.

Happy Sunday to all.

Jul 30, 2011

Bee Life

It is the first Saturday that it has not rained. Yet anyways. Tonight it is suppose to. What a rainy hot summer we have had. In winter we were all waiting for a good summer. Now summer is here it has not been like most. Now we can`t wait for winter again.

Last year I think I only used my A/C like five times. This year it has been on none stop.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!!!

Jul 29, 2011


Such tiny flowers.
 But they pack a big beauty punch.


For Macro Friday.

Jul 28, 2011

Before and After

With this I added a kim Klassen texture and cropped.
Photobucket  and then, she {snapped}

Jul 27, 2011


Thanks to Katie and Ashley..

Shop ButtonAshley Sisk - DebonairRamblings and Photos

For a really nice action combo.
I love Ashelys add to it.

I had to do it another way ....

Anyway go and check these out and download them.

Thanks girls.

Jul 26, 2011


So today is my birthday. God has brought me thru these years with His much needed grace.
It has been a good, fun day. Got some very pretty roses. And of course my first thought, photoshoot. I will have a good few days for fun with these babies. Above this is just one shot I have taken so far. The light was great for about five minutes then it went away.


Jul 25, 2011

Yellow Butterfly

I wanted to get out and shoot outside. I have not really felt like it the last two weeks cause of the heat, and rain.

I got out today and as I was driving to my favorite site the clouds were getting darker and so that spoiled it for me. I got a few shots but lighting was none.

I did spot my first yellow butterfly though. But he moved around lots. I did not have my setting right I do not think. What are good settings for butterfly captures? Last year I did get some great shots. Oh well I felt rushed this time, I will have to go on a day when I have more time. Plus the bees were in full force. I hate bees.

This first one was the best out of like 15 I took. As I said he was a movey type plus I kept on having to swat the bees/ bugs away.

Though out of focus these next two are cool.

Then just some flowers with actions and texture added.

I like how this one turned out. Just used coffee shops honey vintage action. 

  above just added texture  layers in soft light and multiply.

Hopefully I can get out and enjoy another good flower shoot with out the road blocks of today.

*****also a question...I notice on many blogs when pictures are posted people add their description  on the bottom of that photo... why? why not on top of the photo? I myself get confused when I look at photos with it that way...  Is that blog correctness or does it not matter?

Thanks just have been wondering??

Hope your week is going wonderfully.


Glitter is so fun to play with. I bought some and tried shooting it. They are so tiny it was hard, but here are a couple that semi turned out.

I am going to keep trying with these little sparkles of fun.

Joining Lisa for MACRO MONDAY 

Jul 24, 2011

Color Fade

So I had a shoot with colored pencils. Feel free to check it out COLOR .

So I know the weekends are busy time for most. But I would really love for you to leave a comment. I have noticed the last two weeks on this challenge I have not had any one come and say hi.

I guess that is disappointing to me when I make the effort myself to do my rounds and try to comment on as many blogs as I can. I know I have be slack myself these last few weeks. I am so sorry. I love commenting and reading your comments in return.

Maybe I am doing this wrong? How do you guys make your rounds?

I just thought I would say what was on my mind. I really love Katies challenge for the week and could use the fellowship in this so called blogland.

Again I know that my pictures are not as good as most, but at leaste as I have said before I am sticking with it.

Well happy Sunday.

Jul 23, 2011

Color Action

I was at my local dollar store and picked up a feew things for future photoshoots.
I got some colored pencils as well.

 I have always wanted to have a shoot with them.

They did not disapoint. I had good lighting too.

I think I am not as hoo hum as I have been. I am having fun.

I am finding that yes the right lens for the situation makes all the difference.

Happy Saturday!!!


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