Jun 12, 2011

Summer Time

So I am really in the season of figuring out this photography. Am I really serious about it? Is it just a fading hobbie? Or do I really want to see if I can have it go somewhere, meaning as a semi profession ( having paid clients who want to purchase my work). I have only been at this for a half year now. When I lost my first set of pictures I was very hurt, I really had some good ones for being new and they are what started this blog in the first place.

Now since I lost all of my second batch of shots, I feel numb. Some may think I do not care but of course I do. I am heart broken. I invested in all of this equiptment, for what? I hope to bring other people joy with the pictures I take.

We had Art On The Lake here where I live and there were many photography booths. I talked to all of them and got their web site information. But now I feel alittle intimidated. I will never beable to have such fancy cameras/ lens. I have to work with what I have. Although I am going to get one last lens( save for it) .
 Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras It will be a while.

I really do want to start taking portraits of people.

I guess I am just in a slump and am wondering if this is worth continueing. Am I improving? I think I am. Just today all I wanted to do was go capture something. So
I did...

I went to my favorite park, I always wanted to get a shot of a bummble bee...

Peonys are in bloom here.

A bench with added texture.

I do have a love for this. I just do not want it to be for nothing.


Chesney said...

Love your collage of pics...they are all just beautiful! Don't give up! I think you have a real knack for photography and a great eye for seeing unique perspectives. I definitely have seen a growth in your talent in the short amount of time I have been following you! It is easy to get down when you have a set back (and it will probably happen again)....just pick yourself up and get out there and do what you love and SHOOT! :)

amatterofhowyouseeit.com said...

These are beautiful photos Liz. Your progress is fantastic!

SKC said...

The bench shot is fab. I suggest to you not to give up. I think we all have days to where we get down about ourselves and where we want to go. With that said as for myself I do not want to be a pro nor have paying clients.. that is just added stress that would take away from my fun and enjoyment of creating images. Now don't get me wrong if someone was to offer me some money for something I would surely take it. I just do not have any sort of goal with this as I see ALOT of other fab photographers and fabulous images that put mine to shame. But then I am my own worst critic.


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