Jun 22, 2011

Soft Vintage Effect

So Since I do not have actions yet. I have always wanted to know how to get that soft vintage look.

I created a way myself. Here is the before.

 And here is the after.

A slight change. I just duplicated photo layer. Put it to soft light. Made a new layer of white and reduced it to
30%. At normal.

Then this last one did the same steps but with the white layer set it to soft light at 70%

This last one is all steps from above and new layer at normal at 30%.

 Still learning edit techniques. Had fun and will try this effect on more up coming shots.


Ashley Sisk said...

Very cool

Julia said...

I love all the different edits, especially the vintage one! :)

SKC said...

Wonderful images.. great editing. I like second from last best.

Chesney said...

Beautiful results....I also love the shallow depth!


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