Jun 9, 2011

Shoot and Edit

With this edit, nothing reall needed to be done. So I just did an auto correct with elements 9. That included a sharpening, contrast correction and lighting.

Here is the SOOC,

And here is the edit. You get more detail, like her freckle on her cheek and crumbs,ha,ha on her nose. She is such a cutie pie we had fun that day.

Then I re examined and used the healing brush.( still need practice but got the crumb off her nose and the line from her nose to mouth. She must have had something yummy that day.

Kind of a fast edit .

I came back and had to finish, here is the final edit. There was still some crumbs on her face.
 The healing tool worked great.


Ashley Sisk said...

Nice and clean - I really like it.

Zondra Art said...

Great, I lake it Liz!
I wish you a pleasant Thursday and send a greetings.

SKC said...

Beautiful edit.

Allison Hoffman said...

nice edit

Cedar said...

Very nice photo and great edit. I love her hair against the background.

withoutadornment said...

Very nice and clean edit! The healing tool does wonders sometimes, doesn't it?


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