Jun 10, 2011

I want To Cry

Guess what happened AGAIN?!!!! Last night I was just hanging out and watching some you tube
Candles By Victoria reviews. Well I also was editing some shots and I saw there was an update. I ignored it and then something popped up I did not read it and just clicked on it because it was annoying me right then. Well as I was editing in elements 9 all of a sudden I went to open a picture file and could not because it was blank.

I thought that is wierd. Well then I tried to go back to the youtube video I was watching and my computer crashed. Big BUMMER.

I turned it off and tried to reboot but it would not let me. Long story short I had to reinstall windows 7. I once again lost everything. All my pics, elements 9 and everything I had in favorites. I could have paid to have everything backed up and I should have I know. But funds are very tight right now. So I did not.

After the first situation with my old computer from loosing all of those pictures you would think I learned my lesson.

I guess I figure they are only pictures, and not very good ones at that.. nothing to loose sleep over. I can always take another picture. And of course if I was doing this as a side job and needed them for clients maybe I would be more careful. But right now that is not the case. So no big loss I feel.

Thank goodness I have elements 9 on cd and can reinstall that. And I only had favorite photography sites saved. Nothing really life shattering or anything.

I am going to this time be way more orginized with my pictures I know I said this before..

How do you file your shots you take? what do you file them under? Do you keep them all together or catogorize them?

Also I am getting Anti virus soft ware, and some 8g bites thumb drives and use my blank cds and burn my picture on them for safe keeping.

I have only been at this not even a full year and my skills in photography are not as good as I want them. I guess this is just the learning season for me.


Carpe Diem Photography said...

Oh my goodness, that is awful. =( Have you ever heard of Carbonite? It is only $55/year, and it will back up all your files. I usually just have one big folder for each month, and then sub-folders for each day I take pictures. My big folder I title: 2011, 06(June) Then for the subfolders I just put something like June 10 - Flowers. =)

leavesnbloom said...

Oh no Liz. I backup on a hard drive at home. My isp service provider also backups continuously on my computer - it's always there in the background and always backing up everything. My best photos are on flickr and then I have stuff photos on photobucket and tinypics too. Check your picasa account through google - lots of your photos will probably be in there if you upload directly from your computer files. They may not be your originals but at least you will have copies.

I have a folder for each month and subfolders for each day of the month. My best shots are always saved on the month folder rather than in the subfolder.

Invest in virus software - I couldn't do without it.

SKC said...

OH dear.. sorry for your pic loss. My husband builds pcs and has built ours where we have a dedicated disk drive for pictures there they are sorted by year, location (ie London, At home, Walks etc), then in those folders by date. This gets backed up once a week to another disk drive. I do not trust CDs as I have had them become corrupted. I highly suggest investing in an external disk drive to back up to. Cheaper than paying someone to back up for you. Best security software is Norton Interent Security. Have used it for years and have never once got a virus.


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