Jun 1, 2011

High Resolution

Just playing around with my edits and seeing if when I cahnge the res alittle higher if it makes a difference?

I was using 240, never noticed before but with this I upped it too 500 wonder if there is a difference?

Joining Aspire for Lovely Photo Wednesday 



Ashley Sisk said...

I'm not sure you need higher than 300 though - but nice shot.

lisa said...

This is a beautiful photograph Liz!

I always use 72-100 for the web because it takes up much less space and uploads much faster. Always use 300 for printing though.

Again, I really love this one!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Wow... what a beautiful photograph! :)

SKC said...

Beautiful. For web use I always resize to 72px. Reasons.. IF someone was to "steal" the image it would not print well. Also it makes the file size smaller.


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