Jun 18, 2011

Flowers on Saturday

Another flower from the park.

I have a question, I have seen on a few photo blogs pictures with a side color frame. Some one told me the used an action to get that effect. But as you know i still can not do actions...( I literally need someone to walk me thru it visualy) So until that happens I am a no actions girl. Very sad about this!

Is there a way to do this your self in elements 9 with out an action???? Ther has to be. I tried with one shot but... any feed back is welcome.

Joining Ewa today


SKC said...

Beautiful work. Can't help you with the framing.

leavesnbloom said...

Hi Liz

I know the action you are referring to from Coffeshopblog - one is horizontal the other vertical and I use them sometimes.

I'm not used to working in elements but in cs so I hope you can follow me on this.

The way I think you could do it is it to start in elements with a new "document" and give it the dimensions you want with a white background though you can change the background colour to whatever you want it to be. Then place a photo into the square or rectangle you have created making sure that the photograph leaves about an inch or more of the background colour to the side or at the bottom of the photo. You could then crop the "document" or even give it rounded corners.

If that works then you could make a horizontal and a vertical template as a pds file and just fill with whatever colour matches the photo you want to use. Clipping masks would be the way to go with this but I don't know if you have those in elements.

Hope that helps alittle,

Chesney said...

I am sure you could probably do it w/ PSE9, but I am not sure of the effect you are looking for...maybe post a link w/ an example??

Love the simple composition! Pretty color too!

Alana Jo said...


Zondra Art said...

Very nice, I lake it!
Have a great weekend.

Ewa said...

I love the texture, beuatiful photo flower,
sorry but can't help you with color frames , I still use the basic editing programmes :)

lisa said...

This is just beautiful Liz!


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