Jun 16, 2011

Bunny Bunny

This morning I saw this guy in the front yard. These bunnies usually are in the back yard. So cute they are.

On a side note- I have had trouble commenting on some of your blogs. I have to sign in a number of times, and that does not even work. So if you are wondering why I have not visited that is why. I have come by but just am not able to leave a comment.

I found this link that may help...Comment solution


Chesney said...

Very cute but very hungry...I can't keep them out of my flower gardens lol

leavesnbloom said...

Hi Liz - I'm glad those bunnies are with you and not near my garden! He is kinda cute.

There is a solution to the commenting problem. I discovered that because I was using an embedded comment form people had problems - now that I've a pop up it should work......... but I would need you to go and trial it out for me!


SKC said...

Cute bunny shots.

Karli said...

Thanks so much for sharing Skye's link! So many people are having trouble...and hopefully this info will get passed around. What Rosie said above is correct. And if you can't comment, it's because the person hasn't changed to pop-up on their end. BUT...I think I found away around that. It sounds weird, but I read it on a Blogger forum. On the Blogger page where you sign in to Blogger, you need to UNcheck the little box that says "stay signed in." Then you should be able to comment even if the other person hasn't changed their blog to pop-up. I tried it last night, and totally worked!

OK, now for your question about my edits... I used one of my own actions for a few of the edits (I call it Karli's Split Tone Vintage...so creative I know - LOL!) Also, did you see Ashley Sisk's post today? She mentioned M4H's Desolate action. I think I used that on one or two. And one I really like (and used in this post) is CoffeeShop Rita's Simply Vintage action.

I'm so sorry I'm racing off to a ball game now and can't grab the links for you. (I don't think the Desolate one is available anymore according to Ashley), but you should be able to download the Simply Vintage from Coffeeshop.

Let me know if you can't find it, and I'll be happy to help. ♥


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