Jun 6, 2011


Last night I was over at the girls house and we did bubbles, great for todays post.

It is fun shooting blowing bubbles.


Ashley Sisk said...

I really like this one! Up close and personal!

Cedar said...

Very nice! So soft and dreamy!

Allison Hoffman said...

so pretty

SKC said...

Sweet shot.

Jill Samter Photography said...

this shot has so much emotion and tender feel too - definitely a GREAT SOOC shot. i would be very delicate with any edit you do to not change the feel :-D

just my 0.2 :-D

Michelle said...

Wow! Liz this is awesome!!! I adore how you framed/cropped this... the focus is immediately drawn to the bubble and you feel how gentle she's trying to blow and not pop it! Love the bokeh in her hair and how it's moving slightly with the wind. Awesome job!!!

I echo Jill -- don't over edit! :)

Natalie said...

I like the perspective on this photo. I was just snapping photos of my kids with bubbles today.

withoutadornment said...

I love how you captured the action yet it seems so dreamy and relaxed!


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